England vs France

England 4-4-2 vs France 4-3-3

England have 8 defenders to shut down France’s 6 attackers + 2 outside backs (Debuchy and Evra) that might attack.

When France attack with outside backs, England will have Young and Welbeck to counter with against 3 defenders, one of whom is not quick.

Expect possession to be 65-35 in France’s favor at half time. Shots will probably be 10-2 for France, with 2 on target, 4 wide and 4 blocked. England’s 2 will be both wide.

Oxlade-Chamberlain may have been put in to keep Debuchy pinned back more.

The longer England can frustrate France the more they will have a chance to counter.

If France score early, this will be a difficult game for England because they will get tired chasing the ball and not have enough energy to sustain attacks.

If England are losing, expect Walcott, Downing and Carroll to come in and make an impact in 2nd half. Walcott can beat Evra. Carroll can get on the end of crosses from both sides (Ox will tend to come inside).

Will Gerrard have the composure to take a good penalty kick if Young goes down for a PK?

A draw will be a sound result for both teams. Interesting to see how open the game becomes as players get tired.


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